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  Subject:   National Conference, Asian American issues

  Title:   Committee of 1000 tackles 3 major Asian American issues at National Conference in Silicon Valley

  Sponsor:   Committee of 100

  Date:   Saturday, June 6, 1998

  Location:   Westin Hotel, Santa Clara [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://

  Sponsor URL:   http://

  Expected Size:   500+

  Contact:   Helen Kwong

>Press Contact:     Bob Lee, Conf. Chairman              George Koo, Media
>                            925 823 8510                            650
>962 1189
>1.  A Winning China Policy for President Clinton
>2.  Silicon Valley: Model for Asian Americans to Succeed in America
>3.  Future of Asian-Americans in the Political Process
>        Date:  June 6, 1998              Location:  Westin Hotel
>5101 Great America Parkway
>Santa Clara, CA 95054
>Public invited to attend
>                Newly arrived Ambassador Li Zhaoxing of China will make his
>first trip to the West Coast to keynote the morning part of the conference
>devoted to China's relations with the U.S.
>                Andy Grove, Chairman of Intel and Time Magazine's "Man of
>the year" will be the featured speaker at lunch.  As one of the highest
>profile immigrants from Silicon Valley, his remarks will lead off the
>afternoon of the conference.
>                The Committee of 100, with its bicultural membership, has a
>unique perspective on U.S.-China issues.  The Committee will make public
>its recommendations to President Clinton at this conference, prior to his
>visit to China.
>        National experts will review the present and future state of U.S.
>China relations from a diverse spectrum of perspectives.  The morning
>session will include Professor Larry Lau, Co-Director of Asian-Pacific
>Research Center at Stanford University, Stanley Lubman, partner of Lubman
>and Associates, Michel Oksenberg, renown Sinologist at Stanford University,
>and Orville Schell, Dean of School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley.
>        California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin, Professor Steve Chu,
>Nobel Prize winning physicist at Stanford, Bill Lann Lee, Acting Assistant
>Attorney General for Civil Rights, Christopher Lee, president of Tristar
>Pictures, and Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo will join in a panel to
>discuss how Asian Americans have succeeded and overcome career obstacles in
>America.  This session is scheduled in the afternoon.
>        Matt Fong, State Treasurer, Stewart Kwoh, President of Asian
>Pacific American Legal Center, Norman Mineta, former Congressman and
>Lockheed Martin Sr. Vice President, and Dr. S. B. Woo, former lieutenant
>governor of Delaware, will present their analysis and vision of the Asian
>Americans' participation in the U.S. political process.  This will be the
>last session of the conference.
>        The Committee of 100 is staging its national convention in Silicon
>Valley to help illustrate how Asian Americans have made pioneering
>contributions in the high-tech industry and become part of the leadership.
>At its evening banquet, the Committee will honor Chinese American
>entrepreneurs and recognize the impact of companies founded by them in
>Silicon Valley.
>        The Committee of 100 was founded in 1990 by a group of concerned
>Chinese Americans who are pioneers or leaders in their fields.  They
>recognized the need for an organization that brings an Asian American
>perspective to U.S. relations with China and to address the concerns of
>Americans of Chinese/Asian heritage in America.
>        Committee members include architect I.M. Pei, author Amy Tan,
>cellist Yo-Yo Ma, educator Chang-Lin Tien, scientist David Ho, sculptor &
>architect Maya Lin, and Washington state governor Gary Locke.
> General Admission including lunch will be $60.00 for the public
and $30 to those with valid student ID.

To register, call Helen Kwong, (415) 392 9228 x228 or mail your check made
out to Committee of 100 to Ms. Leslie T. Schilling, 160 Geary Street, Suite
500, San Francisco, CA  94108.  Advanced registration is strongly advised.

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*  1265 Montecito Ave., Suite 109
*  Mountain View, CA  94043
*       Tel. 650 969 1671
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