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  Subject:   E.V. and RAINS MARDI GRAS PARTY!

  Sponsor:   Community Associates of EV and Rains

  Date:   Saturday, February 13, 1999

  Time:   9pm - 1am

  Location:   Hacienda Commons [look for it in a campus map][new]


   E. V.   a n d   R A I N S   M A R D I   G R A S   P A R T Y !

                Saturday, February 13, 9 PM - 1 AM
                       Rains Hacienda Commons

    Time to Party!  Featuring DJ Dancing and the return of the
    Margarita Machine!  Beads and Masks for early party-goers!
                        Bring your friends!
		  Laissez les bon temps rouller!*
    There will also be plenty of snacks and non-alcholic drinks.

	*apoligies to any French speakers, we tried!

 Event history: Submitted by markphil on 13-Feb-1999;

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