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  Subject:   GAME NIGHT

  Sponsor:   GSPB

  Date:   Sunday, February 28, 1999

  Time:   6pm - 9pm

  Location:   Bechtel International Center Assembly Room [look for it in a campus map][new]

                   This Sunday, February 28, 6-9PM
          in the Bechtel International Center Assembly Room

Please come enjoy a variety of card, board, and social games from
around the world!  Whether you enjoy light social games or deep
strategy, we have a diverse selection of games for your pleasure.
Please grab some friends and join us this Sunday.  The more, the

Low-cost dinner will be available at the Bechtel Courtyard Cafe for
$3.  Please RSVP to maurizio@pangea if you are interested in dinner so
we can provide enough food.

Sponsored by the Bechtel Center, the Graduate Student Council, and the
Hoskins Fun Committee.

 Event history: Submitted by jfan on 28-Feb-1999;

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