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  Subject:   Entrepreneurial Experiences in Silicon Valley by Dr Amr Mohsen, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Aptix Corp.

  Sponsor:   Stanford Egyptian Association

  Speaker:   Dr Amr Mohsen

  Date:   Tuesday, April 13, 1999

  Time:   7pm - 8pm

  Location:   Gates Room B12 [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Sponsor URL:   http://www.aptix.com/

  Costs:   Free

  Contact:   Omar El Hamamsy

Dr. Amr Mohsen is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Aptix. With
more than 26 years of electronics industry experience prior to founding
Aptix, Dr. Mohsen was the founder of Actel Corporation, a pioneer in the
FPGA market, where he served as Chairman, President and CEO from
1985 to 1989. Prior to Actel, Dr. Mohsen held various engineering
positions at Intel Corporation, Mnemonics Inc. and Bell Telephone Labs. 
Aptix is funded by KPCB and is said to be preparing for an IPO in the
near future.

 Event history: Submitted by ohamamsy on 07-Apr-1999;

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