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  Subject:   System-on-Chip: The Role of Standards & the VSIA

  Sponsor:   US-Japan Technology Management Center

  Speaker:   Mark Birnbaum, Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.

  Date:   Thursday, April 29, 1999

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://fuji.stanford.edu/events

  Sponsor URL:   http://fuji.stanford.edu


  Contact:   e-mail: viji@stanford.edu (or) call 650-725-4811


The Role of Standards and the VSIA 

The system-on-chip industry includes system houses, ASIC companies, 
EDA vendors and IP providers. There are many hurdles before the industry 
can fully realize the potential benefits of system-on-chip. These include 
technical issues, business issues, legal and contracting issues, personnel 
and organizational issues. I will identify the many gaps and challenges 
that need to be resolved. 

Then I will describe the purpose of the Virtual Socket Interface 
Alliance (VSIA) and focus on the technical issues it is addressing. 


Mark D. Birnbaum

Director of Strategic Technology, World Wide Systems LSI Technologies
Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Assistant to the President, Virtual Socket Interface Alliance, (VSIA) 

Mr. Birnbaum holds a BSEE from Princeton University and an MSEE from 
Northeastern University. 

VSIA is a 200 member system-on-chip industry wide alliance whose vision 
to to make System-on-Chip a practical reality.  As Assistant to the 
President of VSIA, he is involved in coordinating all phases of the 
alliance: technical, management, legal, finance, marketing, and public 

His many years of experience include electronics R&D, design, management, 
business development and marketing. Mr. Birnbaum's engineering and 
management experience ranges all the way from spacecraft guidance systems 
to silicon chips, from research engineer to Director of Engineering. 

Mr. Birnbaum has worked at over nine research labs and companies involved 
with system design, computer development, software development, electronic 
design automation, ASIC semiconductors, and consulting services for both 
government and commercial products. 

These include General Dynamics, Control Data, RCA, MIT Draper Lab, 
National Semiconductor Corporation, Cadence Design Systems, 
Microelectronics and Computer Corporation (MCC), and Fujitsu 
Microelectronics, Inc. 

Mr. Birnbaum was the Chairman of the electronic standards group, 
EDIF (Electronic Design Interface Format), was a teacher and wrote a 
book. He has authored innumerable papers, articles, proposals, and 

 Event history: Submitted on 26-Apr-1999;

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