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  Subject:   The Acoustic Guitar in the History of Brazilian Music

  Sponsor:   Brazilian Students Association

  Speaker:   Joao Mattar

  Date:   Monday, May 3, 1999

  Time:   12pm - 1pm

  Location:   Bechtel International Center Dining Room [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://www.stanford.edu/group/brazil/BrazilWeek.html

  Sponsor URL:   http://www.stanford.edu/group/brazil

  Costs:   FREE

  Contact:   jamattar@stanford.edu

Although the violao (acoustic, classical or spanish guitar) is probably the most 
representative instrument of the Brazilian Music, a History of the guitar 
in Brazil is still to be written.  
It would have to take into consideration at least the following elements:
a) the history of the instrument (how and when it was introduced in the country,
by whom, its development, the national luthiers, etc.)
b) the different styles played in this instrument: choros and sambas, baiao, 
bossa nova, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), classical solo and ensemble, etc. 
c) the great Brazilian guitarists and groups: from Garoto to Paulo Bellinati, 
from Trio D’Alma to Quaternaglia, from Baden Powell to Paulo Porto Alegre, etc.
d) a history of the literature written in the country for guitar (from ‘choros’
by Garoto to ‘Preludes’ and ‘Studies’ by Villa-Lobos, from concerts for guitar 
and orchestra to ensemble guitar pieces, etc).
e) the history of the teaching of the instrument in Brazil, the great teachers, 
the introducing of the instrument in the Music University Schools, etc.

Joao Augusto Mattar Neto

Post-Doctoral Researcher and Visiting Scholar 
(Comparative Literature Department - Stanford University).

Guitarist and member of the Stanford Guitar Ensemble. 

Author of 
‘Filosofia e Administracao’ (Makron Books), 
‘O Processo Simbolico na Clepsidra de Camilo Pessanha 
(Centro de Estudos Portugueses da USP), 
Raizes (poems) and other books and articles.

 Event history: Submitted by jamattar on 30-Apr-1999;

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