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  Subject:   A LUAU ON NABOO!

  Sponsor:   Graduate Student Council

  Date:   Friday, May 21, 1999

  Time:   9pm -

  Location:   Ford Center [look for it in a campus map][new]

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Bulletin
      Representing the Interests of Stanford's Graduate Students

o Fun - A LUAU ON NABOO! (Party at Ford Center).  Friday, May 21st at
        9:00 PM.  See below for details and mark you calendars.  End
        of the year fun!.  Biggest Grad Party of the year!

o Update on Star Wars Tickets - Hold tight.  

Dear Fellow Grad Student:

You are cordially invited to the biggest grad party of the year: A
Luau on Naboo!  This is sponsored jointly by the Graduate Student
Council (GSC) and the Graduate Student Programming Board.  Come to the
Ford Center (at the business school) next Friday at 9 PM.  This will
be a fun party with a Star Wars theme; see below for details.

Also, for our Star Wars ticket winners: please hold tight. 20th
Century Fox (the movie distributor) has put theatre rentals on hold.
We hope to find out next week what day we will be able to have Grad
Night at Star Wars. The theatre has guaranteed us first use of the
theatre as soon as they get permission from Fox.  We are hoping to be
able to have the theatre some time after the first three weeks of the
film.  If it looks like it will go too much beyond this, we will get
movie gift certificates for all raffle winners.  An email update will
be sent to all winners once we have final details.  In the meantime,
if you want to see the film right away, please do, and let us know
what you think of it.  Sorry about the confusion, both the theatre and
we thought this would be easy when we started planning this in

Have a great weekend.  

Harris Shapiro, PhD Candidate, Physics
Graduate Student Council

      _____  /    ___\ A long time ago...
     /     \|   _/___    In a galaxy far far away...
    /   ___ \ /      \     Before the Phantom Menace...
   / __/  __\/_____   \       A luau was held on a planet called Naboo...
   |/  | /  **     \  |
       |/   **      \ |      On Friday, May 21st from 9pm-1am, you can         
       |   **        \|    relive the adventure, the excitement, of the
          **             biggest party west of Mos Eisley...
        ________|                                          |_______
        \       |             A LUAU ON NABOO!             |      /
         \      |                                          |     /
         /      |__________________________________________|     \
        /__________)                                    (_________\

      Enjoy live entertainment by the Naboo Hula Club, a lei greeting,
        sno kones, popcorn, a DJ, bounce castles, inflatable human
                 foosball(!), great beer and fruit punch!
                Surprise space novelties for early guests!

              This is unlike any grad event you've ever seen...

     /~/_|  |_\~\
    |____________|                    Help Me Obi Wan.
    |[][][][][][]|:=  .               Come to the Naboo Luau!
  __| __         |__ \  ' .          /
|  ||. |   ==   |  |  \    ' .     /
(|  ||__|   ==   |  |)   \      '<
|  |[] []  ==   |  |      \    '\|
|  |____________|  |        \    |
/__\            /__\          \ / \
  ~~              ~~


 Event history: Submitted by jfan on 17-May-1999;

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