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  Subject:   "MANY CULTURES, ONE WORLD" Fusion Music

  Sponsor:   APRINT and BECHTEL

  Date:   Monday, May 17, 1999

  Time:   9pm - 11pm

  Location:   BECHTEL [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Sponsor URL:   http://aprint.cjb.net

Bring your guitar, kaval, violin, gaida, cello, saz, flute, sitar,
oud, saxophone, santour, drum, etc., to APRINT's new experimental
program for world fusion music at 9 PM Bechtel Int'l Center, after 
the regular world dance class. People from various cultural (and musical) 
backgrounds get together and make music together. We start from a 
proposed rhythm, melody, theme, etc., and people work together to 
improvise some kind of "world fusion music."

The first night of weekly Monday APRINT'S "MANY CULTURES, ONE WORLD"
music program was very successful! As a result, Bechtel
International Center decided to keep the building open until 11 PM,
instead of 10 PM for the group to continue, as an exception.

 Event history: Submitted by eserayan on 17-May-1999;

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