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  Sponsor:   US-Japan Technology Management Center

  Speaker:   Professor. Harry Tan

  Date:   Thursday, September 30, 1999

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://www.stanford.edu/~viji/

  Sponsor URL:   http://fuji.stanford.edu


  Contact:   Viji Jagannathan (650) 725-4811

Prof. Harry Tan, Nanyang Tech University, Singapore, will give a talk titled
"Development, Policies & Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Economies of Asia"
Thursday, September 30, 4:15-5:30 pm, Skilling Auditorium, Stanford University.
Several of the Asia Pacific economies believe that to sustain economic 
growth, they need to concentrate their scarce resources and efforts into 
high technology industries to develop and transform their local economy into 
a credible high tech force. Even in the private sector, the innovative 
adoption of high technology is commonly seen as the future of business and 
national growth. The most common step taken at national levels is to 
encourage local enterprises to become enabled to conduct electronic commerce 
locally, regionally and eventually globally.

What appears to be a simple 'follow the leader' (effectively the US at this 
time) policy of going 'high tech' is a sublime change for many Asian 
economies. From direct research and development, there is a change in Asian 
governments to enable its R&D workforce to become more entrepreneurial and 
thus hopefully making the actual R&D more driven by economic demand. The 
objective of this presentation is to see where the Asia electronic commerce 
race is going and what has happened over the past year to change the high 
tech R&D environment.

This presentation is in three parts:

Part I - Competitive Strengths of Asia Pacific Digital Economies. In this 
part we look at the efforts taken by the Asian economies to become regional leaders in 
Electronic Commerce. Each vying to become the regional leader which promises 
economic growth or regrowth for some.

Part II - Transformation of Singapore's R&D landscape
An example of the direction in which R&D has taken is how 
Singapore focusses its wealth of resources into high technology and 
specifically in Electronic Commerce arena.

Part III - High Tech R&D and Business Opportunities in Asia
As a result of the policy changes, there are opportunities to be had in Asia 
for budding engineers and R&D scientists. Here we look at the infrastructure 
and the breadth of opportunities for new ideas or employment in the region.

 Event history: Submitted by viji on 28-Sep-1999;

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