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  Subject:   Dr. Irving Ho, Chairman, EiC Corporation, Taiwan, "Taiwan's Silicon Valley - the Hsinchu Science Park"

  Sponsor:   US-Japan Technology Management Center

  Date:   Thursday, October 7, 1999

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Engineering Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://www.stanford.edu/~viji/

  Sponsor URL:   http://fuji.stanford.edu

  Costs:   Free

  Contact:   viji@leland.stanford.edu

Stanford University  *  US-Japan Technology Management Center
                           Dr. Irving Ho  
                       Chairman, EiC Corporation
             "Taiwan's Silicon Valley - the Hsinchu Science Park"

                  Part of Our Public Lecture Series:
                Free Admission * Light Refreshments
                 See http://www.stanford.edu/~viji/
                 Or Contact viji@leland.stanford.edu


To gain economic growth and national competitiveness by trying to duplicate or
emulate the Silicon Valley's enormously successful story has become popular
governmental policy doctrine for many developed and newly industrialized
countries alike, for the past couple of decades. In Taiwan, the Hsinchu
Science Park project was started in 1980 for this purpose. The goals of
this project had been to set up Taiwan's high-tech industry, to lure back
some of its talented expatriate engineers and scientists, and to sustain
its economic growth. This project would also slow down the then serious
"brain drain" problem in Taiwan.

During the past nineteen years, Taiwan has successfully established technology
bases for its semiconductor, and computer and peripheral industries. From
Hsinchu Park's statistics in June 1999, it accommodated 284 companies with an
aggregate monthly sales of NT$51.6 billion (US$ 1.6 billion). Among the
Park's clients, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is the world's biggest
dedicated chip foundry and Acer Computer ranks among the top ten list of the
worldwide personal computer manufacturers. Partially through the contribution
of Hsinchu Park Project success, Taiwan's per capita GNP has been raised from
$1920 in 1979 to over $13000 in 1998.

The strategy, planning and the initial execution of Hsinchu Park Project
will be presented in this report. They were aimed to create investment, working
and living environments in Hsinchu as similar to those in Silicon Valley as
possible. Also included will be the problems Park Administrators encountered in
the early days and their respective solutions. The strong commitment of the
Taiwanese government and the entrepreneurial spirit of Taiwanese engineers
and scientists which played important roles in Hsinchu Park Project will
also be discussed.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Irving Ho serves as Chairman of the EiC Board of Directors and general
mentor to the company's management and technical staffs in the areas of
planning and technology.

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Ho served for five years (1988 - 1993) as
President and CEO of International Integrated Systems, Inc.(IISI), a
strategic alliance between IBM and the Institute for Information Industry
(III). III is a Taiwan-based semi-governmental organization whose mission
involves the promotion of Taiwan's information industry and the
acceleration of the country's national computerization program.

As President of III between 1984 and 1991, Dr. Ho was instrumental in
arranging the IBM joint venture, which he then headed until 1993. During
his tenure with IISI, the organization, which was staffed with over 250
skilled technical specialists, developed over 200 software, hardware, and
national language support projects for IBM. Under the leadership of Dr. Ho,
IISI enjoyed five consecutive profitable years.

From 1979 through 1987, Dr. Ho served as Vice Chairman of Taiwan's National
Science Council and, on a concurrent basis, as the first Director General
of the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park.

In his early career, Dr. Ho spent over 16 years with IBM at the firm's East
Fishkill Laboratory in New York, where he held senior management positions
through 1979. As a member of the IBM staff, Dr. Ho won that company's
prestigious invention award 12 times. His research work brought him a
total of 34 US patents as well as numerous technical publications and
disclosures. During the 1974-1975 academic year, Dr. Ho took sabbatical
leave from IBM to serve as the Far Eastern Chair Professor at National
Taiwan University.

He also served as a visiting professor at Stanford University during the
academic year, 1973-1974. Dr. Ho received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in
Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1957 and 1961,
respectively. From 1961 to early 1963, he worked as a consultant to
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in Sunnyvale, California.

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