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  Subject:   Public Lecture: Nigeria at 39 - Historical Reflections at the End of the 20th Century

  Sponsor:   Nigeria-Stanford Educational Resources Organization (NSERO)

  Date:   Friday, October 29, 1999

  Time:   7pm - 8:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

By 1899 the European partitioning of Africa had been accomplished. The 
entity to be later named "Nigeria" was named and claimed by the British. 
British rule in Nigeria lasted till 1960. With the benefit of historical 
reflection in 1999, this lecture will evaluate the impact of British rule on 
Nigerian civil society. Several books have been produced on the political, 
economic, and cultural impact of colonialism on various African countries. 
This talk will focus on the civil society, a much-neglected aspect of 
African studies. How did colonialism impact the common people? What were its 
effect on the Nigerian psyche? A hundred or so years after the British 
imposed their rule on Nigeria, and forty years or so after independence, 
what are the legacies of colonialism in the civil society?

SPEAKER: Akanmu G. Adebayo, Ph.D
Akanmu Adebayo is Professor of History at Kennesaw State University, 
Kennesaw, Georgia. After receiving his education (BA, MA, and Ph.D.) 
in history at the University of Ife, Nigeria, Nigeria, he taught at the same 
University for over ten years.  In 1991-92, he was visiting professor at 
York University, North York, Canada.  An established authority on the 
history of modern Africa, Adebayo has authored and co-authored many books 
and articles. 
He was formerly Assistant Director of International Programs at 
Kennesaw University. Now he coordinates African and African-American studies 
at the same institution.

 Event history: Submitted by kehinde on 18-Oct-1999;

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