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  Subject:   East Timor: Allan Nairn, last American Journalist in East Timor, Speaks

  Sponsor:   Columbae House and the Charles Riddell Lectureship Fund

  Speaker:   Allan Nairn

  Date:   Monday, October 25, 1999

  Time:   3:15pm - 5pm

  Location:   Little Theater (Behind Memorial Auditorium) [look for it in a campus map][new]

ALLAN NAIRN was already an award-winning journalist, renowned for his investigative reporting into the realities of U.S. foreign policy.

He had already witnessed, and barely survived, one horrendous massacre in East Timor -- the infamous Dili Massacre.

He had already been banned by the Indonesian military from ever again entering Indonesian territory.

Then he slipped back into East Timor to cover the historic vote for independence.

When other reporters fled, Allan Nairn stayed, filing live radio reports from secret hiding places, using only his cell phone and his incredible dedication to bring the truth to the outside world.

When the Indonesian military finally captured him, the world watched and held its breath.  Facing 30 years in prison, Allan Nairn defied the authorities and condemned their human rights violations...on live radio.

In the end, the Indonesian military had to let Allan go.

Allan Nairn is back and he has a story to tell you.

 Event history: Submitted by aarthib on 22-Oct-1999;

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