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  Subject:   Dr. Noby Maeda, Former Senior Research Fellow, Science and Technology Agency, Japan; Professor, Kochi University of Technology, "New Business Model for Japanese Enterprises"

  Sponsor:   US-Japan Technology Management Center

  Date:   Thursday, November 4, 1999

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Engineering Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://www.stanford.edu/~viji/

  Sponsor URL:   http://fuji.stanford.edu

  Costs:   Free

  Contact:   viji@leland.stanford.edu


                            Dr. Noby Maeda,
          National Institute of Science & Technology Policy,
                  Science & Technology Agency, Japan;
           Professor, Kochi University of Technology, Japan

                "New Business Model for Japanese Enterprises"

                  Thursday, November 4,  4:15-5:30 pm
        Skilling Engineering Auditorium, Stanford University

                  Part of Our Public Lecture Series:
                 Free Admission * Light Refreshments
                 See http://www.stanford.edu/~viji/
                 Or Contact: viji@leland.stanford.edu


According to the IMD World Competitiveness Report, Japan has dropped to 
16th position from the No. 1 position several years ago. In this report, 
however, Japanese science and technology is still ranked as No. 2.
Since Japan is a country with relatively few natural resources, the 
Japanese Government has encouraged the enhancement of science and 
technology for more than a century. "Science and Technology Based Nation 
Building" is a common key word among the Japanese. Development of science 
and technology policy is a key concern, and in 1995, the Science and 
Technology Basic Law was created, and in 1996 the Science and Technology 
Basic Plan was established by the Cabinet. From 1996 to 2000, 17 trillion 
yen (about $160 billion) has been earmarked for science and technology.

A new Globalization, Deregulation and Information Technology Revolution 
is appearing, and the traditionally successful Japanese business model, 
the so-called "Catch-Up Model", is no longer effective in the Information 
Technology Age of today. The Japanese establishment seems to be at 
crossroads in the face of such rapid changes.

On the other hand, it looks like the U.S. is very determined to build on 
the new value of "E-Business" using the dynamism of the "Silicon Valley 
Business Model". Companies are enjoying high profit ratios, with drastic 
corporate restructuring, such as the concentration of business domain, 
huge scale lay offs and M&A.

Europe in the meantime is facing the challenges of the common currency 
"Euro", which has triggered a drastic restructuring of all kinds of 
business and business culture. The impact of the new common currency 
looks much bigger than the expectations of many people.

There is no doubt that both "E-Business" and the "Euro" will continue 
to be strong engines for both the US and Europe in the next 30-50 years.

In order to revitalize the Japanese economy in the coming decades, we 
need to find out what Japan's new engine to replace the Catch-Up Model 
can be. This presentation will be based on a Policy Study by Noby Maeda 
for NISTEP called "Transformation of Japanese Enterprises' Strength 
Through New Business Model Creation - A Scenario to Realize Science & 
Technology-Based Nation Building".


Noby Maeda is a Professor at the Graduate School of Entrepreneur Engineering,
Kochi University of Technology. Before joining Kochi University of Technology,
he was Senior Research Fellow of the National Institute of Science and 
Technology Policy of the Japanese government. Starting his career at IBM 
Japan, he worked at the IBM World Trade Center in New York, Sony Headquarters,
Sony USA, as well as Sony Europe with various managerial responsibilities in 
corporate and marketing strategies.

 Event history: Submitted by barrkat on 29-Oct-1999;

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