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  Subject:   EE310 SEMINAR - H. Samavati, "12.4mW CMOS Front-End for a 5GHz Wireless-LAN Receiver, "Fractal Capacitors" and

  Sponsor:   EE310 Integrated Circuits Technology and Design Seminar

  Date:   Tuesday, January 4, 2000

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:15pm

  Location:   Building 260, Room 007T [look for it in a campus map][new]

A 12.4mW CMOS Front-End for a 5GHz Wireless-LAN Receiver

In this talk I will present a 12.4mW front-end for a 5GHz wireless-LAN
receiver fabricated in a 0.24-mm CMOS technology. The chip consists of an
LNA, mixers and an automatically tuned third-order filter controlled by a
low-power PLL.  The filter attenuates the image-signal by an additional
12dB beyond what can be achieved by an image-reject architecture. The
filter also reduces the noise contribution of the cascade devices in the
LNA core. The LNA/filter combination has a noise figure of 4.8dB and the
overall noise figure of the signal path is 5.2dB. The overall IIP3 is
Fractal Capacitors

In this talk, A linear capacitor structure using fractal geometries is
described. This capacitor exploits both lateral and vertical electric
fields to increase the capacitance per unit area. Compared to standard
parallel-plate capacitors, the parasitic bottom-plate capacitance is
reduced. Unlike conventional metal-to-metal capacitors, the capacitance
density increases with technology scaling. A classic fractal structure is
implemented with 0.6mm metal spacing and a factor of 2.3 increase in the
capacitance per unit area is observed. It is shown that capacitance boost
factors in excess of 10 may be possible as technology continues to scale.
A CAD tool to automatically generate and analyze custom fractal layouts
has been developed.

 Event history: Submitted by guerra on 03-Jan-2000;

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