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  Subject:   Optical Switching Comes to Market: The Interplay of Telecom Service DemandNetwork Architectures, Operational Realities, and Component Technologies

  Sponsor:   US-Japan Technology Management Center

  Speaker:   Peter J. Farmer

  Date:   Thursday, April 20, 2000

  Time:   4:15pm - 5:30pm

  Location:   Skilling Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://fuji.Stanford.edu/seminars/spring00/

  Sponsor URL:   http://fuji.Stanford.edu/

  Costs:   FREE (Open to Public)

  Contact:   viji@stanford.edu


This talk will discuss the commercialization of optical switching
technology, a story unfolding in real time.  Optical switching has a 
key role in in the continued expansion of telecom network capacity and 
lowering of unit costs for telecom services.  The recent sale of Xros, Inc., 
a 90-person Silicon Valley optical switching start-up, to Nortel Networks 
for $3.25 billion exemplifies the value placed by telecom systems 
manufacturers on this technology.  Optical switching can be accomplished by 
various means, and the talk will summarize, compare, and contrast ten 
alternate switching technologies.  The focus of the talk, however, will not 
be on the technologies involved, but on the various factors at play in 
determining which switching technologies are likely to come to market, for 
which applications, and at what pace.  Among the topics covered will be 
network "transparency"-the likely adoption of all-optical network designs 
(e.g. Xros), versus designs that route traffic at a wavelength level but that 
use electronic switching technology at their core (e.g. Tellium Inc. and
Monterey Networks). Included in the talk will be medium-term market 
forecast of optical switching at the system and device level.

Speaker Bio: 

Mr. Farmer has over 17 years of professional experience in the 
telecommunications industry, including strategic planning, product-line
management, field marketing, and market research. He has provided market 
analysis and planning at a strategic and tactical level in the 
telecommunications industry, with particular focus on Internet, data 
services, and wireless delivery of information. In addition, he has 
served in an executive capacity with entrepreneurial Silicon 
Valley-based companies focused on Internet and wireless data services. 

A 1998 addition to the staff at Strategies Unlimited, Mr. Farmer directs 
both multiclient and single-client custom programs related to optical 
networking. His experience at the marketing and services level and his 
background with telecommunications carriers complements Strategies 
Unlimiteds' proven technical expertise in optoelectronics. His focus has 
been on the market for optical switching devices and systems. 

Mr. Farmer has held a number of key positions with telecommunications 
service providers. From 1994-98 he headed marketing and business 
development functions for two pioneers in the wireless data industry: 
CellNet Data Systems, a provider of value-added data services to the 
electric utility industry, and Tetherless Access Ltd., creator of the 
first commercially-available wireless router for Internet access. 

From 1987-94 Mr. Farmer was employed by British Telecommunications plc
in various marketing and planning capacities, ultimately serving as 
Director of Strategic Planning for BT North America. He was responsible 
for analysis and recommendations regarding BTs global data services. 
His work formed the basis for BTs $400 million investment program in 
1993 to introduce public Frame Relay services and expand its X.25 
network globally. Mr. Farmer also managed BTs relationship with PTTs 
and other licensees of BTs public electronic messaging software. 

Prior to joining BT, Mr. Farmer was responsible for business development 
at Centel Business Information Services, an integrator of communications 
services and computing hardware. Centel was lead contractor to install
and service computers at auto manufacturers dealerships for on-line 
communication; Mr. Farmer managed this line of business. Before joining
Centel, Mr. Farmer was Bell Atlantic, where he helped create a strategic 
and tactical planning process during the period prior to and immediately 
following the 1984 divestiture of AT&T.

 Event history: Submitted by fclark on 17-Apr-2000;

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