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  Subject:   Biomedical Computation at Stanford 2000 (BCATS2000) Symposium

  Sponsor:   student-organized, sponsored by Biomedical Information Technology @ Stanford (BITS)

  Speaker:   TBA

  Date:   Saturday, October 28, 2000

  Time:   10am - 5pm

  Location:   TCSEQ Auditorium [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Event URL:   http://bcats.stanford.edu/

  Sponsor URL:   http://bits.stanford.edu/

  Costs:   Early registration free to Stanford attendees

  Contact:   bcats@email.com

Biomedical Computation at Stanford 2000

On Saturday, October 28, 2000, Stanford University will host a symposium
called Biomedical Computation at Stanford (BCATS 2000).  Attendance at the
BCATS 2000 Symposium is open to both the Stanford community and local
industry.  It will provide an open and interdisciplinary forum for Stanford
students and post-docs to disseminate and share their latest research in
widely ranging fields involving biomedical computation.
Technical content will include:
  -  Informatics, Data Modeling and Statistics
  -  Biomechanical Simulation and Modeling
  -  Structural Biology and Genetics
  -  Biomedical Image Acquisition and Processing
  -  Computer Assisted Interventions and Robotics
  -  Network and Computing Technology in Education
See http://bcats.stanford.edu for more conference information.
o  There is a CALL FOR SUBMISSION for talk and poster abstracts from
Stanford students and postdocs.   The submission deadline is October 6, 2000.
See http://bcats.stanford.edu/submit.html for registration details.
o  Everyone must REGISTER to attend.  Registration is FREE to all Stanford
students, postdocs, and faculty if they register online before October 10,
2000.  A simple online form is all you have to do!
See http://bcats.stanford.edu/reg.html for registration details.
o  Opportunities exist for industry co-sponsorship and involvement.
See http://bcats.stanford.edu/sponsorship.html for registration details.

 Event history: Submitted by termite on 14-Aug-2000;

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