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  Subject:   Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium

  Sponsor:   Applied Physics/Physics

  Speaker:   Professor Joel Primack

  Date:   Tuesday, November 7, 2000

  Time:   4pm -

  Location:   TCSEQ 201 [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Contact:   Judy Meo

Professor Joel Primack from University of California, Santa Cruz
"The State of the Universe: Cold Dark Matter and all that"

CDM has become the standard modern theory of cosmological 
structure formation.  But despite its many successes, there 
has been concern about CDM on small scales since the 1994 
papers by Flores and Primack and by Moore pointing out the 
contradiction between the linearly rising rotation curves 
for dwarf galaxies and the 1/r cusps at the centers of 
simulated CDM halos.  Other CDM issues include the very l
arge number of small satellite halos in simulations, 
far more than the number of small galaxies in the local 
group, and possible disagreements between the CDM vs. 
observed power spectra.  This talk will review all the 
recent cosmological data, which favors a model with 
about 1/3 of critical density in dark matter and 2/3 
in dark energy, and then focus on the status of CDM 
based on the latest data -- which have lessened, 
although not entirely resolved, many of the former concerns.

 Event history: Submitted by judymeo on 26-Oct-2000;

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