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  Subject:   Presentation: Gender, Medievalism, and Film

  Sponsor:   Stanford Medieval Club

  Speaker:   Professor Sara Poor

  Date:   Wednesday, November 1, 2000

  Time:   5:30pm - 6:30pm

  Location:   Wilbur Hall, Trancos House Lounge [look for it in a campus map][new]

  Costs:   Free

  Contact:   Jeff Hom: jeffhom@stanford.edu


-- Have you ever wondered about the ways in which women have been
   portrayed in contemporary films with medieval themes?

-- Have you ever been interested in how gender issues keep on cropping up
   in the Arthurian Romances?

On Wednesday, Novemember 1st, Professor Sara Poor from the German Studies
Department will be speaking about these issues and more! Professor Poor
will speak at a presentation entitled "Gender, Medievalism, and Film". In
her presentation, which will include some film clips, Professor Poor will
give an informal talk on the diverse ways in which gender and medievalism
have interacted in film, concentrating primarily on the Arthurian films
shown as part of the Medieval Club's film series, but with some discussion
of a few others not of the Arthurian genre including "The Anchoress", "The
Sorceress" and the very recent and quite interesting "The Thirteenth
Warrior." Prof. Poor plans on talking for 30-40 minutes and hopes that
alively discussion will follow.

Prof. Poor's presentation will begin at 5:30 pm on 11/1, in the lounge of
Trancos House in Wilbur Hall. Those who need directions to this event can
contact Jeff Hom at jeffhom@stanford.edu.

This event is sponsored by the Stanford Medieval Club. Everyone,
especially those with a passing interest in enduring influence of the
Middle Ages on modern culture or with an interest in representations of
gender issues in popular culture, is encouraged to attend.

To subscribe to the Stanford Medieval Club's e-mailing list, please send
an e-mail to majordomo@lists.stanford.edu with the following
message: "subscribe medieval-club".

 Event history: Submitted by psudonym on 01-Nov-2000;

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