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Note: The creators of this calendar have moved on to other tasks. This calendar system will no longer be actively maintained.

Calendus is a calendaring system which allows organizations their own customized web-based calendar. The calendars are simple and easy-to-use, allowing events to be posted and edited using a web interface, and then displayed in a number of views, including event, day, month, and text views. This tool allows groups to quickly set up a web-based listing of events which is always up-to-date. In addition, the groups have full control of the content of the calendar.

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When we started in February, 1998, we were looking to create a web-based event listings for a club's webpage. Looking around, we sensed that there was a lack of suitable tools for small organizations to create their own web-based calendars. In particular, we saw numerous stand-alone calendar packages and shareware calendar scripts, but we felt that there was a need for a service which hosted web-based calendars free for organizations.

Since we found no suitable tools at that time, we decided to develop our own calendar system, and finished a functional prototype in the spring of 1998, and put it into use for a handful of Stanford organizations, such as the Stanford Film Society and the Electrical Engineering department. Since then, we have worked to make gradual improvements to our system, in order to make it easy to use and suit the needs of real organizations. This calendar system in its current state reached completion in January 1999, and there have been a few small added features since then.

It should be noted that the Stanford Report is also a source of event information.

As the owner of your calendar, which you can link to your organization's homepage, you have control of the calendar and can make it an integral part of your organization's web pages. Currently, departments such as the Computer Science Department, Physics Department and the Dance Division are using the system, as well as numerous organizations, such as the Stanford Film Society. If you would like a calendar for your organization or department, please contact us!

We hope that this project will prove to be of benefit for organizations and departments here at Stanford and in the surrounding areas.


John L. Fan and Pablo Molinero-Fernandez were both doctoral students in Electrical Engineering when developing this calendar system. They have moved on to other pursuits.


Calendus Software is an independent entity which is not officially associated with Stanford University, and neither Stanford University nor Calendus Software take any responsibility for the reliability and contents of the calendars on this website. Any events published on the calendar are considered public information, which may be freely copied and disseminated. Calendus takes no legal responsibility for consequences which may occur from the posting of inaccurate or inappropriate information onto this web site. We provide this service free of charge with no warranty or guarantees of performance. Use of these calendars and their contents is at the user's sole risk.

In posting to the calendar, members of the Stanford University community will be held in accordance to the same ethical standards of behavior expected of Stanford University students, staff and faculty. Violations of these standards of behavior may be grounds for investigation and possible prosecution in accordance with University regulations. Users of this calendar may be held responsible for the deliberate posting of misleading, offensive or incorrect information, as well as other actions which are detrimental to the usage of this calendar system.

Calendus Software reserves the right to remove any postings or calendars as it deems appropriate, and reserves the rights to any and all actions pertaining to the calendar system.