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  Subject:   ITALIAN MOVIES + free pizza

  Sponsor:   Bechtel Ctr and Italian Student Association

  Date:   Tuesday, November 7, 2000

  Time:   6:30pm -

  Location:   Bechtel Ctr, Dining Room [look for it in a campus map][new]

Free Pizza and drinks available.
Some of these movies are shown for the first time in the US
For more information visit
Tue Nov 7, 6:30pm  Marrakech Express (1989)
Tue Nov 14, 6:30pm Come Due Coccodrilli [Like two crocodiles] (1994)
Tue Nov 21, 6:30pm Tre Uomini e una Gamba [Three men and one leg] (1997)
Tue Nov 28, 6:30pm Ovosodo [Boiledegg] (1997)

 Event history: Submitted by battag on 17-Oct-2000;

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