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  Subject:   * Dance Class *

  Sponsor:   Bechtel Student Association

  Date:   Monday, November 6, 2000

  Time:   7pm - 9pm

  Location:   Bechtel Ctr, Assembly Room [look for it in a campus map][new]

Dance Class
 The proposed program is a continuation of the very popular dance series
 proposed during the past academic year. The dance series consisted of lessons
 of international folk dance and Northern American social dance. The new
 proposed program will continue the traditions of the old program. There will
 be a main instructor, Leslie Gordon (leslie@fastloki), who will teach lessons
 two thirds of the time.  She will teach beginning and intermediate argentine
 tango, salsa, swing/lindy, hustle, and cross-step waltz. Other beginning
 classes taught would be waltz, cha-cha, samba, rumba, nightclub two-step, and
 west coast swing.  There might also be guest dance teachers who will teach
 mostly international communal dances. 

This class has been possible thanks to the support from the Graduate Student

 Event history: Submitted by battag on 29-Aug-2000;

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