The Serious Side ..

Why this page? - Firstly, even after interacting with "educated" people, we see fanatics and narrow minded people. Since, every educated person with a narrow minded view (even one is too many) is worse than an Osama Bin Laden, I found it necessary to at least voice a strong dissenting opinion.... a.k.a. a small realization that the silent majority, should never be silent.
Tolerance is an important virtue, tolerance of nonsense is a crime..

The Serious Side

a.k.a. .. What matters to me and why?...


Anti-Organized Religion

    Note: The below is not about religion. I care too little to comment upon ancient texts. The following is about "organized" religion. It is about people, i.e. the people behind organized religion, i.e. the many cults, evangelists, "one lord, one faith, one saviour","X is the only god", "Y is the ordained scripture" and other narrow minded (and brainwashed) souls who make the world a worse place.
    As for me, I am an atheist/agnostic. It keeps my mind free of self styled godmen. While a belief in (a spiritual) God is fine by me, a belief in a "monotheist specific religious god" (without respect for other's views) and organized religion is quite abhorrent.
    In a world where every human should ideally be a majority of 6 billion and a minority of one, artificial religious divisions have no place...

    Amongst the worst in the above breed is "organized evangelical" religion, i.e. the belief that there is exactly one god whose name is "X". For a correct definition of "organized evangelical" religion see the word "cult" in the dictionary.

    (Yes, unfortunately, you will find these organizations on university campuses too, Stanford included. For a number of these organizations scientific and rational thought go for a toss.. )

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  • The educated evil (the persons who passed this vote in the Southern Baptist convention; the title of the article does an injustice by equating the views of a non-representative few to that of all) are more dangerous than the semi-literate and desperate ones (a.k.a. the Taliban)
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Cult Watch


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